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PSS Milling Techniques for BB3 Split Case Pumps

PSS Milling Techniques for BB3 Split Case Pumps

We are excited to share one of our recent projects involving the repair and enhancement of a BB3 Produce Water Pump. Our focus here is on the milling of a concentric serrated flange face finish—a critical process that ensures optimal performance and reliability.

This milling was performed on a severely eroded super duplex pump that had to be weld repaired at the casing fits and faces of the split case pump. This introduced a lot of heat distortion on the pump casing as a result of which the faces of the split case pump had to be machined in our vertical planer mill. Special milling techniques were then applied to get the right face finish on this high pressure pump. After some study, our engineers decided to go with a concentric serrated finish.

   Characteristics of Concentric Serrated Flange Face Finish

  1. Groove Pattern: The finish consists of a series of concentric grooves or rings machined into the flange face. These grooves are evenly spaced and follow a consistent pattern.
  2. Surface Roughness: The roughness of the serrated surface is typically measured in terms of Ra (arithmetic average roughness) and is controlled to meet specific standards, such as ASME B16.5 for flanges.
  3. Depth and Width of Grooves: The depth and width of the grooves are precisely controlled during machining to ensure consistency and reliability in sealing performance.

   Advantages of Concentric Serrated Flange Face Finish

  1. Improved Sealing Performance: The grooves help trap and retain the gasket material, providing a more reliable seal. This is particularly important in preventing leaks and ensuring the pump operates efficiently.
  2. Enhanced Gasket Grip: The serrated finish increases the surface area in contact with the gasket, improving the grip and reducing the likelihood of gasket blowout under pressure.
  3. Better Stress Distribution: The grooves help distribute the clamping force more evenly across the flange face, reducing localized stress and enhancing the longevity of the gasket.
  4. Compatibility with Various Gaskets: This finish works well with a wide range of gasket materials, including soft gaskets like rubber, PTFE, and non-asbestos materials, making it versatile for different applications.
  5. Resistance to Vibrations: The concentric grooves provide better resistance to vibrational loosening, which is beneficial in pumps operating under dynamic conditions.

In conclusion, the advanced milling techniques applied to the BB3 Product Water Pump highlight our commitment to delivering top-notch engineering solutions. By incorporating the concentric serrated flange face finish, we have significantly enhanced the sealing performance, reliability, and longevity of this high-pressure pump. Our meticulous attention to detail in controlling groove patterns, surface roughness, and groove dimensions ensures that the pump can withstand the demanding conditions it will face.

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