Rcool is a coating that has the ability to reflect heat from sunlight up to 90%. So, it is like an insulator and also water can not penetrate – which will help reduce the leakage problem.

Rcool’s superior performed is due to a coating technology using reflective polymer composite and many other synthetic resin properties. Rcool has been tested in the lab extensively and in the real weather conditions, reduce the temperature of the surface by 7 – 10 degrees. This results in reduced temperatures in the room, building, warehouse, helping to reduce the electricity consumption of the cooling system. In addition, it helps to maintain the liquid condition in the Storage Tank efficiently and reduces evaporation.

Rcool can be applied on metal surfaces, concrete, walls, roofs, tiles Metal sheet roofing, concrete building roof well.

Rcool is a coating that can be applied to homes, buildings and
industrial plants, electronic manufacturing plants, food plants, oil depots, chemical plants, substations, etc.

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