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Valves Repair

Valves Repair

Valves Repair Business

PSS’s valve repair section is a premier repair, test, and supplier of ancillary products valves. Utilizing the very latest technology in specific valve testing equipment, we have the ability to test an extremely wide range of valves and ancillary products to current national and international standards as well as Customers specific requirements.

We are able to support on plan schedule and un-plan schedule repair as client’s special requirements with fast turnaround times.

Capability of Services

  • Overhaul and Calibration of Pressure and/or Vacuum Relief Valves.
  • Overhaul and Calibration of Control Valves.
  • Overhaul of Hand valves.
  • Automation valves assembly.
  • Onsite servicing.
  • Supply OEM and/or Local spare parts.
  • Modify works.