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Townson Expansion Joint

Townson Expansion Joint

Townson Expansion Joints


Townson Enterprises has been supplying expansion joints to the Thai industry since 1991. The company was a result of a joint technical collaboration with Townson Limited in the U.K. Since 2005, Townson has since moved on and developed its own capability independently.


Townson Enterprises has the capability to manufacture a comprehensive range of expansion joints from it’s a facility in Rayong. The facility comprises 216 m² of manufacturing floor space and 72 m² of storage space.


Townson Enterprises presently holds 2 sales offices – one in Rayong and one in downtown Bangkok. In addition, Townson utilizes distributors to cover various industrial segment in the Northern, Western, and Southern regions of Thailand. The engineering office is integrated with the manufacturing facility in Rayong. For your inquiries, please contact the assigned sales representative or send us an email at  sineenart@onepss.com


Townson Enterprises has a mobile service team comprising 4 persons that are capable of performing site surveys, inspections, and installations. We also utilize the services of well-established and reputed plant installation contractors if additional manpower is required at the site.