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PSS Introduces NFPA 20 Fire Pump Drop In Upgrades

PSS Introduces NFPA 20 Fire Pump Drop-In Upgrades

At PSS, we are excited to announce our latest innovation in fire pump technology: the PSS VS1-11CFP pumps are engineered to meet NFPA 20 criteria. These vertical turbine pumps are designed for optimal performance and durability, incorporating advanced materials and features for enhanced reliability and efficiency.

With these upgrades, PSS can offer a new drop-in pump fitting the existing footprint with no change in the foundation or piping and are performance tested to meet NFPA20 standards, if required we can also supply just the bowl assembly.

**Technical Description:**

**Super Duplex Material:**
– Superior corrosion and erosion resistance, ideal for sea water applications.
– Eliminates the need for sacrificial anodes for cathodic protection.
– Resistant to hypochlorite chlorine dosing and stress corrosion cracking.
– Complete pump internals made of Super Duplex to prevent dissimilar materials corrosion.
– Integral wear rings and superior tensile strength ensure long-term reliability.

**Thordon SXL Material:**
– Close tolerance clearances and lower coefficient of friction compared to traditional rubber
– Long wear life, high abrasion resistance, and dry startup capability.
– Low friction eliminates “Stick-Slip” issues and reduces starting torque.
– Resistant to hypochlorite chlorine dosing to reduce marine growth …..suitable up to 5 PPM.

**Key Features:**
– Cast construction pump suction bell, bowls and impellers from Super Duplex for maximum
strength and simplified maintenance.
– API Keyed Impeller with Super Duplex Split rings and Locking bolts.
– Super Duplex column pipes with individual bearing retainers for easy maintenance.
– Shaft sealing via a packed stuffing box for reliable sealing and maintenance.
– Super Duplex discharge head, columns and bearing retainers.
– Thordon SXL bearings for rigid design in suction bell, bowls, column bearing retainers and
stuffing box
– Super Duplex suction strainer with a rigid non-collapsible design.

We are committed to providing cutting-edge solutions that meet and exceed industry standards. For more details or inquiries, please feel free to reach out to us.

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