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Mechanical Seal Repair

Mechanical Seal Repair

Mechanical Seal Refurbishment

Our as-new refurbishment process restores customers’ seals to their original functionality, saving them the cost of replacement hardware, staffed by highly skilled technical specialists; our refurbishment service offers a cost-effective and environmentally sound alternative to purchasing new seals.

Quality and customer service are the highest priority at our refurbishment centers. Every repair location is staffed by fully-trained, highly-experienced mechanical seal engineers and technicians, and their experience translates into a quality of service.

Our centers offer a range of industry-leading seal refurbishment services:

  • Emergency Seal Repair Service
  • Condition reporting and seal failure analysis to provide evidence of potential process or equipment problems
  • Refurbishment of virtually all mechanical seal variants, including those manufactured by competitors
  • Provision of replacement wear-parts, including wear-parts for competitors’ seals
  • Pressure testing to specific requirements, including API 682
  • Replacement soft faces
  • Replacement hard faces in Ceramic, Tungsten Carbide, and Silicon Carbide
  • Specialist coating service including Chrome-Oxide, HVOF, Laser welding, and stainless steels
  • Precise measurement of wear-parts using coordinate measuring machines and other methods