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Townson Fabric Expansion Joints

Townson Fabric Expansion Joints

Townson Fabric

Townson has the ability to supply fabric joints custom designed to suit a client’s individual specifications or can offer a comprehensive range of standard products as specified below.

Standards :

By combining different materials and taking into consideration the thermal, chemical and mechanical resistance as well as the fatigue properties of the materials, our designers provide the optimum solution both in technical and economical respect. Many of Townson fabric expansion joint are used in conventional power plants fired with coal, oil, and gas turbine systems.

Design Ranges :

Townson can provide fabric joints complete with any associated steelwork for temperatures up to 1200 degrees Celsius. Townson fabric joints are available with several external cover materials designed to withstand the most difficult atmospheric conditions. Townson fabric joints can be manufactured to any size & transported to site as a complete unit or in kit form for site assembly.

The allowable pressure rating of multilayered fabric joints will vary depending on various parameters. As a guide for general usage, use 0.15 bars as allowable working pressure.

Features & Benefits :

Innovation in materials extend the life of the expansion joint

The expected interval between maintenance cycles is significantly increased

Improved design and material selection for higher resistance to flow, temperature, and vibration

Firing temperatures can be raised to 1,200 °C in expansion joint performance