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Tectxon has 23+ years of experience with providing wide area of specialty services works listed below. A Company involved in servicing, maintenance and repairs of engines, prime movers and exhaust gas turbochargers.

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The Perfect Seal and Services Co., Ltd. or PSS was established in the 1992 as a trading company of Durametallic (now Flowserve) by a young team of engineers having many years of experience in rotating equipment technology. PSS is the first company that established a mechanical service and repair facility in Thailand. In 1998, when Flowserve was formed, PSS became an independent company with no management control of Flowserve. PSS has contributed significantly over the past

years to improve reliability, solve bad actors and reduce total cost of ownership for our customers. After 25 years in the seal business, PSS has made a significant decision to launch our own brand of seals. This decision is based on the constant need for customer to have a reliable solutions, increased lifetime and the right cost. PSS Seals will define a new benchmark which is to optimize the cost of Reliability for our customers. PSS has further invested in Lifecycle Management and Lifecycle Extension through the asset management program we dedicate to our customers as “Total Serve” where we focus on rotating equipment and valves as they are the top two reason of failures in plant around the world. “Total Serve” program includes services for following equipments – Gas Compressors, Steam Turbines, Pumps (Multi-Stage, Vertical, API and non API), Blowers, Mixers, Gearbox, Control Valves, Manual Valves, Safety Valves and Instrument calibration. With sales and service operations in Bangkok, Rayong, Had Yai, Lampang, and Khon Kaen, we strive to provide solutions to our customers, improve reliability and drive down their immediate and lifecycle cost.

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PSS has 25+ years of experience with providing wide area of specialty services works listed below.

Mechanical Seal Repair

Our as-new refurbishment process restores customers’ seals to their original functionality, saving them the cost of replacement hardware, staffed by highly skilled technical specialists

Valve Repair

PSS’s valve repair section is a premier repair, test and supplier of ancillary products valves. Utilising the very latest technology in specific valve testing equipment, we have the ability to test an

Instrument Service

PSS’s Instruments repair and Instruments Testing /Calibration section is a premier repair, test, and supplier of ancillary products Instruments.Utilizing the very latest technology in specific Instruments testing

Rotating Equipment Repair

PSS Services center helps customers develop effective maintenance and asset management programs to lower maintenance costs, improve uptime, reduce inventory costs

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We are one of leading company in manufacturing & petro chemical products. We makes long-term investments goal in global companies in different sectors, mainly in Europe and other countries.

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