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Rotating Equipment Repair

Rotating Equipment Repair

Rotating Equipment Repair Business

The Perfect Seal and Services Co., Ltd. (PSS) was established as repair Thailand subsidiary in 1992, providing repairs and upgrades services to extend equipment life.

PSS Services center helps customers develop effective maintenance and asset management programs to lower maintenance costs, improve uptime, reduce inventory costs and extend equipment life. We offer an economical alternative to high maintenance costs.

We repair and recondition ALL brands of rotating equipment, restoring them to original specifications. No need to source different product specialists depending on the equipment needing repair. Our highly experienced team of service centers:

Our highly experienced team of service centers provides:

  1. Repair to OEM standards
  2. Scheduled maintenance and plant shutdowns (parts, manpower, and complete turnkey support)
  3. 24-hour emergency service
  4. Machine shop facilities
  5. Repairs to all makes of pumps
  6. Pickup and delivery service
  7. Rotating equipment installation supervision
  8. Technical advisory services
  9. Turnkey field service capability Service Locations


Rotating Equipment Repairs

PSS Service centers are equipped and trained to perform all of your industrial repairs. PSS Centers have the experience and expertise not only to repair your equipment but offer upgrades, resulting in extended run times and reduced costs to our customers. Our goal is to reduce the cost of ownership, improve reliability, and increase profitability for our customers.

Individuals charged with the important responsibility of keeping the plant up and the process running efficiently benefit from PSS Service center. Repair technicians repair ALL brands and ALL Type of rotating equipment: 

Compressor / Steam Turbine / Pumps / Blowers

Gear Boxes / Field service/Fans / Agitators

Mixers / Vacuum Pumps/Machine shop / Shop Balancing