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PSS Re-Engineers Pump Metallurgy

PSS recently overhauled an unsupported BB1 pump for which we had to supply completely re-designed pump components. The body of the cast iron pump was severely corroded due to galvanic corrosion. The metallurgy of the original pump was a combination of Superior and Inferior materials for the fluid pumped causing accelerated deterioration of the inferior materials.
The casing was cast iron, shafts were SS316, sleeves were SS304, throat bushings and impellers were BC7 Bronze.

The corroded casing fit bores had to be machined to a clean solid metal, PSS Engineering redesigned new oversized casing rings, impeller wear rings, and throat bushings to an upgraded material based upon reviewing the process conditions.
PSS Engineering concluded to standardize all metallurgy on various components including the impellers to SS 316, the Cast Iron casing had a protective coating applied.

After successfully overhauling and commissioning the complete pump, our customer ordered a complete set of spare parts from PSS, all machined in house in our Service facility in Rayong.
As there are an additional 6 pumps for this process, PSS will standardize all dimensions for all remaining pumps in the coming years so that all spare parts are interchangeable.

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