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A single innovative instrument can give you better process control and improve the performance of any one of your production assets: personnel, equipment, energy use, or inventory. Employing multiple instruments can positively impact the performance of all areas of your enterprise.

Foxboro instruments are allied with various industry-leading brands that result in systems, software, and services that dramatically improve your operation’s economic, safety, and environmental performance. In addition, the deployment of multiple, advanced measurement systems will enhance the availability and utilization of all the assets on which your success Depends.

For decades, the Foxboro brand has driven the development of various breakthrough measurement technologies: The first d/p cell, the dual-phase Digital Coriolis Mass Flowmeter, the DolpHinTM pH Sensor, and the Magnetic Flowmeter.

Foxboro instrumentation sets the industry standard for performance in a wide variety of measurement technologies:

  • Pressure transmitters that provide best-in-class accuracy levels and the longest standard and optional warranties in the industry
  • Flowmeter technologies: Magnetic, Vortex shedding and Coriolis that provide an unparalleled solution for liquids, gases, and steam
  • Process analytical sensors that revolutionize pH and conductivity measurement
  • Temperature transmitters providing accurate and reliable measurements in the harshest of environments
  • Level measurement including LevelStar Buoyancy and LevelWave Radar devices for the widest choice of installation and applications
  • Accutech provides wireless measurements where traditional instruments struggle with an operation and budget goals

Foxboro instruments provide accurate, reliable measurement and analysis of pressure, flow, level, and process analytical variables so you have the process control you need for maximum integration and interoperability — all at competitive prices, low cost of ownership, and 24-hour worldwide support from a single source.