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PSS Introduces Boron Diffusion Service

To deal with erosion and abrasion damage inside pumps, maintenance teams typically go with tungsten carbide or Stellite coating repair solutions. PSS has been offering these services in the market for many years. But now, there is a more superior solution in the market that we would like to introduce.

Boron diffusion process creates a hardened and wear-resistant surface layer on pump components, which can withstand harsh environments and improve overall pump performance.

  • A surface layer that is extremely hard and wear-resistant, with a hardness rating of up to 1500 HV. Tungsten carbide coatings are about 1000 HV.
  • As boron diffusion is a thermochemical vapor diffusion process, it produces metal compounds with the substrate material, resulting in significantly improved wear resistance and coefficient of friction as compared to other coatings.
  • Provides excellent corrosion resistance, even in harsh environments with high levels of acids or salts.
    Creates a surface layer that is typically between 10-300 microns thick, making it suitable for a variety of pump parts.

With these excellent properties, boron diffusion can help reduce wear, extend the service life of pumps, and improve efficiency, resulting in lower energy consumption and reduced maintenance costs.

Good applications for boron diffusion would be with highly abrasive and erosive processes like sea water produce pumps, reactor bottoms pumps, coal ash slurry pumps, pulp and paper pumps, and mining pumps. Our services are versatile and can be used on various pump parts, including impellers, casings, sleeves, bushings, inserts, and seals.

Choose PSS for your boron diffusion needs and experience the benefits of enhanced wear and corrosion resistance, improved efficiency, and increased pump performance. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you optimize your pump operations.

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