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PSS Extends Life of Compressor Seal

PSS recently reconditioned a Nuovo Pignone Hyper Compressor packing cup, thereby extending its lifetime by several more years and preventing leakage of a key greenhouse gas in this Rayong petrochemical plant. The packing cup performs a critical function to seal ethylene gas at extreme high discharge pressures of 1,850 bar.

As this 7 piece packing cup is a dynamic seal, there is a lot of wear on the contact faces between the cups and the face area in cases with the sealing rings. Therefore, the reconditioning process involved a lapping process for the 4” inch packing cup plates to the flatness of 4 light bands and changing all the packing ring elements. Due to the critical nature of this equipment, customers sent their inspectors to reconfirm the quality of the work done by performing flatness checks. These jobs normally need to be performed in a very short period of time and PSS is regularly working 24 hours a day for such jobs.

PSS has been performing seal lapping services in Rayong for the past 25 years and has extensive experience in providing the best quality lapping and reconditioning work in Thailand.

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